Why Pro-Shed Is The Leader Of Shed Builders

Features Pro-Shed Other 1 Other 2
4"x6" Notched Skids
5 Skids on most buildings (3 Skids on 8' wide buildings)
4"x4" skids only
3 skids only
12" OC Treated Floor Joists
LP T&G Smart Floor
FeaturesPro-ShedOther 1Other 2
4x6 Notched Skidsx NoneSome
5 Skids on most buildings (3 Skids on 8' wide buildings)x4x4 skids only3 skids only
12 OC Treated Floor Joists xUpgradeUpgrade

LP T&G pro-struct Smart Floor

xSome None

1 1/4 thick flooring on Garages

x None None

LP Smart Siding with silver-tec lining

Premium grade framing lumberxSome None
16 OC wall studs xSome None
Double studs in the cornersx None None
Double top plates on all wallsxSome None

24" OC Certified Rafters On Roof

xSome None

Certified Press Plated Rafter Plates

AllSome None

Lofts Optional (high barns)

xUpgrade None
16 OC loft joists xUpgrade None
LSL (engineered wood) door framesx None None
Gable overhangsxSome None
40 year Metal roofingxxx
More screws in metal roofsxnono

25 year roofing synthetic Underlayment

xSome None

Roofing synthetic underlayment on all buildings

xSome None
SBS modified shinglesxSome None
Rain Gutter above wooden doorsx None None
IM Ramp system threshold installed on all doorsxSome None

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