Pro-Shed's Display Lots

We invite you to visit one of Pro-Shed’s display lots, located in towns throughout our service area. Most display lots feature between 5 to 15 display buildings in various styles and options, and our sheds are always open for you to look inside. Each unmanned lot includes one shed set up with helpful information and our latest catalog. Please make sure to note the serial numbers of any sheds you are interested in to reference when you contact us.

Pro-Shed display lot 1 (unmanned)

Pro-Shed display lot 3 (unmanned)

Pro-Shed display lot 5 (unmanned)

Pro-Shed Buildings (home lot)

Pro-Shed Display lot 8 (unmanned)

Pro-Shed Display lot 10 (unmanned)

Pro-Shed display lot 2 (unmanned)

Pro-Shed display lot 4 (unmanned)

Pro-Shed display lot 6 (unmanned)

Pro-Shed Display lot 7 (unmanned)

Pro-Shed Display lot 9 (unmanned)

Pro-Shed Display lot 11 (unmanned)

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