Site Preparation For Your Shed

Step 1

Note: Build your foundation  with an extra foot around your building which creates a  drainage bed for water run-off. This perimeter helps hold the stone from falling onto the grass. This also keeps mud from splashing against the sides of your building.

To construct a three-sided frame larger than the building using straight 2″ x 4″ lumber, follow these steps:

  1. Begin with the 2″ x 4″ lumber and assemble the frame, ensuring it is one foot larger than the building dimensions. It’s crucial to ensure the frame is square with the house or any other shed on your property.
  2. Drive the pins into the outer side of the frame. This positioning allows for easy removal of the form later on.
  3. Take care to level the frame and verify its squareness by measuring diagonally from corner to corner.
  4. Attach the form to the pins from the outside using screws, securing it firmly.

By following these steps, you can successfully build a three-sided frame that surpasses the building’s dimensions, using 2″ x 4″ lumber. Remember to prioritize accuracy and precision during the construction process.


Step 2

For optimal outcomes, it is recommended to utilize class 5 gravel or crushed rock as it facilitates effective water drainage away from the building. Follow the steps below to fill and level the frame: Acquire class 5 gravel or crushed rock, ensuring its suitability for drainage purposes. This material will assist in directing water away from the building.

Step 3

Begin filling the frame with the gravel or crushed rock, distributing it evenly throughout the area. Use a rake to ensure a consistent and level surface. Pay attention to maintaining an appropriate level by periodically checking with a level tool. This step is crucial to ensure proper water drainage and stability. By following these steps and utilizing class 5 gravel or crushed rock, you can efficiently fill and level the frame, facilitating effective water drainage away from the building.

Step 4

To compact the base of the frame, there are two effective options: using a compactor or employing a sprinkler method, provided you have sufficient time for drying before the building arrives. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Compactor Method: Utilize a compactor, a heavy machine specifically designed for compacting surfaces. After filling the frame with gravel or crushed rock, run the compactor over the base multiple times. This process ensures proper compaction and enhances stability.
  2. Sprinkler Method: If time allows, the sprinkler method can be employed. After filling the frame with gravel or crushed rock, use a sprinkler to thoroughly wet the base. Allow ample time for the water to penetrate and settle the material. Ensure the base is completely dry before the building arrives to avoid any potential issues.

By choosing either the compactor or sprinkler method, you can effectively compact the base of the frame. Each method has its advantages, so select the option that best suits your requirements and time constraints.

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