Site Preparation For Your Shed

Step 1

Starting with straight 2″ x 4″ lumber, build a three-sided frame a foot bigger than the building, making sure it’s square with the house or other shed on your property. Drive the pins in on the outside of the frame to ensure you can remove the form. Make sure the frame is level and square from corner to corner. Attach the form to the pins from the outside with screws.


Step 2

For best results, use class 5 gravel or crushed rock to insure water drainage away from building. Fill frame and level with rake.

Step 3

Screed with straight 2″ x 4″ sliding it back and forth across top of frame.

Step 4

You can use a compactor to compact your base, or a sprinkler will also work if you have enough time to let it dry before the building arrives.

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