10X12 Backyard Studio S/N 2966 Location Mt. Lake, MN

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Why pay extra for on-site construction? Pro-Shed Buildings brings complete sheds right to your backyard using our specialized equipment, including the Mule shed mover. We can place sheds in tight spots where regular trucks can’t go!

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Fixed Delivery Fee: $100 for locations within 100 miles of our MT Lake, MN branch!

Beyond 100 Miles: Pay only $5.00 per mile driven with a loaded vehicle.

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Retail Price: $12682.85



Building Estimate: $11,182.35

Subtotal: $
Sales Tax (Will Be Applied)
Total Estimate: $

Deposit Amount: $2,236.40
Due Upon Delivery: $

Structure Details
Style: Backyard Studio $8,919.85
Sidewall Height: 87″
Size: 10 x 12
Base: 4×6 Notched Treated Skids with 12” On-Center Floor Joists
Siding:  SmartSide Panels Included
Roof Pitch: 2/12
Roof Overhang: 7″ Overhang with 12″ Overhang on Front
Siding Color: Charcoal
Trim Color: White
Roof Color: Charcoal
Roof Material: Metal
Doors & Ramps
Pella Patio Doors 8Ft $1,575.00
Color: White
Pella Patio Doors 8Ft $1,575.00
Color: White
Pella Patio Doors 8Ft $1,575.00
Color: White
Pella Patio Doors 8Ft $1,575.00
Color: White
72″ Premium Pre-Hung Insulated Fiberglass with Half Glass (Credit) -$1,075.00
Windows & Accessories
48″ x 12″ Insulated Transom $140.00
Color: White
48″ x 12″ Insulated Transom $140.00
Color: White
2 48″ x 12″ Insulated Transoms (Credit) -$280.00
24″ x 36″ Insulated Window with Transom (Credit) (Qty. 2) -$812.50
Flooring & Interior
Flooring: 5/8” T&G ProStruct Included
Loft: None
Interior Wall:  SmartSide with SilverTech (Standard) Included
Interior Roof: LP ProStruct Roof Sheathing with SilverTech (Standard) Included
Additions and Adjustments
Buildings Resize -$750.00
Additional Fees
Fuel Surcharge $100.00

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