8’X10′ Garden Shed Side Located in Mountain Lake MN S/N 2515

We offer up to 100 miles of delivery of our shop located near Mountain Lake, Minnesota for a flat rate of a $100. Beyond the 100 mile delivery zone, a delivery fee of $5.00 per loaded mile applies. Contact us today for an accurate delivery quote.

Instead of paying “built-on-site” prices, we deliver a complete shed into your backyard, and can maneuver into tight spots with our specialized equipment, including the Mule shed mover. We can position sheds in places where the traditional truck and trailer do not fit.

Pro-Shed also offers the IM ramp system that is a popular option that allows for ease of access in to your shed. All sheds come equipped with the IM door threshold and are ready to accommodate the ramp sections of your choice. Ramps allow you to effortlessly walk, drive or carry objects inside.


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Please note that zip codes in Wisconsin and South Dakota are tax exempt.

Subtotal: $3,732.76
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Deposit Amount (20%): $747
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Structure Details
Style: Garden Shed (Side) $3,408
Sidewall Height: 80″
Size: 8 x 10
Base: 4×6 Notched Treated Skids with 12” On-Center Floor Joists
Siding: LP SmartSide Panels Included
Roof Pitch: 5/12
Roof Overhang: 5″ Overhang
Siding Color: Charcoal
Trim Color: Gray
Roof Color: Ash Gray
Roof Material: Metal
Doors & Ramps
48″ Wooden Double $219
Color: Charcoal Included
Hinges: 6” Decorative
Windows & Accessories
24″ x 36″ Window Included
Color: White
18″ x 27″ Window $106
Color: White
Flooring & Interior
Flooring: 5/8” T&G ProStruct Included
Loft: None
Interior Wall: LP SmartSide with SilverTech (Standard) Included
Interior Roof: LP ProStruct Roof Sheathing with SilverTech (Standard) Included
8″ x 16″ Vent Included
8″ x 16″ Vent Included

Pricing and options shown are subject to change at any time and may vary based upon current promotions, specials, or annual pricing adjustments. Current pricing will be included in the final quote and will require your review and approval prior to order.

We will do all we can to ensure your complete satisfaction. Please contact us for questions, concerns, or custom styles or sizes.


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